Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween fun

Hello! I feel like it has been forever since my last post but it has only been a little over a week.  In the week since I last blogged, I have been busy working on projects for my facebook craft page ( and our little family passed the stomach bug around. Ugh it has so not been fun week and I am so glad its over. But we are all better now praise the Lord and really enjoying our health this week!
Jonah feeding the donkey

We did have a great halloween with the boys.  Jonah had 3 costumes to choose from since I found 2 cheap ones--Batman and Optimus Prime--at a kids consignment sale (Love those!) and his Buzz Lightyear costume from last year still fits.  He chose to be Optimus Prime and was so cute! I was hoping he would want to be Batman so I could make Tucker a Robin costume but maybe next year!  I had saved a really cute monkey costume from when Jonah was little so that is what Tucker was.  He was so cute running around in it....even had a tail!
Jonah and Tucker waiting in line for the bouncy house.

Us riding the mini train

We went to a fall festival on Sunday at a big community church that was super fun! I just took the boys because Jeremy was recovering from the dreaded stomach bug. :(  I was a bit concerned that it would be too much for me with the boys and all the people but they were both great! The fall festival had a few bouncy houses, small fair rides, and even a small petting zoo.  They even had a small train for the preschoolers, a fire truck, ambulance, and lots of small games for the kids to play.  Jonah didn't really want to play the games at first but really got into it after a while so I think we played each one. Tucker mostly just sat in the stroller and people watched but he got to play a bit.   It was alot of fun and exactly what we needed after being sick and stuck in the house all week.  Just wish Daddy could have joined us!
My sweet boys! 
On halloween night, we went to my In-Law's church for their fall festival.  I took the boys and Jeremy met us their later.  It was alot of fun too and it was super nice cause all their games were inside.  They did have some bouncy houses and slides outside but we didn't stay out their long cause it was so chilly.  But we had fun at that one too.  Plus the boys got alot of candy and small toys.

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!  Make sure to go to my facebook page and check out my items for sale album.  I will be adding new things soon.
Have a blessed day!!!!

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