Friday, May 11, 2012

Our week in Instagram photos #2

Happy Friday night everyone!  I hope you all had a great day.  I have had an absolute wonderful day with no sickness at all!!! PTL for zofran.  It has been a great productive day.  It's that time again for our weekly updates in Instagram photos.  This is working out great since I usually take a good many every week anyways. :)

Jonah and Tucker are the sweetest brothers I have ever seen! They do argue and fight but they are pretty inseperable.  Anytime you find one, you usually find the other.  I pray these two stay as close as they are now and grow to be life-long friends.

We were at Nona's and Papa's a good bit this week.  One of the boys favorite thing to do there is to ride on Papa's motorized wheelchairs.  They love riding around the wrap-around porch.  Jonah does really well driving it slowly and turning corners.  I love it cause I can just rest while they ride!

Jonah and Tucker also had fun eating popsicles in the back of Papa's truck.  I love Tucker's little pooched lips! lol  And Jonah is always ready with a smile.  We always eat popsicles outside over there so we don't make a mess.

It rained the first few days of the week here but by Thursday it was beautiful so we played outside.  The boys loved just sitting in the shade throwing rocks down our dirt driveway.  Jonah started it by sitting down and Tucker followed.  That's usually the way it goes. lol  Then Tucker tried to pick up a big rock.  He was so funny grunting and getting frustrated cause he couldn't get it.  He finally gave up and moved to smaller ones.

My husband, Jeremy, got a him...motorcycle! We have been a one car family for a while and this will be his work/play vehicle.  It is a 2004 Honda V  1300.  It is an amazing gas saver which is awesome plus the boys and I won't be stuck at home all the time anymore. 

I got my Mother's Day present early....a new Singer sewing machine!!  It's a Singer 5400 Sew Mate 60 stitch electric machine.  I am so super excited since my old machine has been broken for a while.  The cost of this machine is about how much it would have cost to fix my old one! This one is beautiful and I can't wait to use it. 

We had our first ultrasound for the new baby! It is just so amazing seeing that little person...hopefully little girl....on the screen moving around.  The hearbeat was strong and everything looked perfect.  We go back to the doctor next month.  

Well I hope you all enjoyed your week!  Hopefully I can get the sewing machine out and figure it out soon to get some more projects on here.

Have a great night and Happy Mother's Day to all the fellow mother's out there!
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  1. Hope you have a great mothers day Tiff!! Love the pictures!!

  2. Thanks Brandi! I hope you had a great day!