Friday, May 25, 2012

Our week in Instagram photos #3

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have fun plans this weekend.  We are headed to the Catfish Festival in Ware Shoals with my brother-in-law and his family tomorrow, then church Sunday, and not sure what on Monday.  Looking forward to a fun family weekend!

Since I was out of town last week I didn't get to do my routine Friday post so this is going to cover 2 weeks worth of photos.  Enjoy!

The boys swinging at my parents house.  We went to my parents house last week and truly enjoyed our little vacation.  Of course, we missed having our Daddy with us but he had to stay and work.  The main reason for the visit was to spend Mother's Day with my Granny whose health is failing quickly. We were able to spend lots of time with her and she truly enjoyed it. 
The boys playing with a bicycle pump at my parents.  One of the things my boys love about their Grandma and Pop's house are the many 'treasures' my parents collect.  My mom loves flowers and potted plants and has the greenest thumb I know...which I did not inherit! lol She loves to collect all kind of little cool knick-knacks from everywhere and just keep them.

The boys playing in the sand at the beach on Sullivan's Island. Also me and my beachy waves. In the summertime when we go down, we always take a beach day! We all love it and it is just so refreshing to go and just escape the loudness of the world.  I would live at the beach if I could! Seriously.  Sullivan's Island is our favorite beach in  Charleston because its not as crowded as the other beaches down there plus we can usually always find easy parking.
One of our other traditions we do while down there is a small bonfire.  My parents have a small little area set up with a outdoor fireplace which is perfect for this.  We roast marshmellows and sometimes hot dogs and just enjoy each other.  It's one of my favorite things to do down there.

Our mother's day craft.  It is a bouquet of 'hand' picked flowers.  I love these kinds of crafts and so do the boys.  Tucker actually cries when we are done cause he loves it so much.  lol.  All of our grandmas and moms loved it.  I love that I can do something as simple as this and they are perfectly happy with it.  I plan to make them something else but haven't had a chance yet.

I finally go to get my sewing machine out and work with it.  I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is so simple to use compared to my older machine and I can do so much more than my old one too.  The 2nd picture above is some of the stitches I can do.  :) I did this little sample piece 10 minutes after I set it up!
I love this picture of my sweet man and boys! lol  Since Jeremy has gotten his motorcycle, he has started a small collection of 'do-rags' or bandannas.  The boys love wearing them so I had to get a picture with all three of them.  These boys love their Daddy!
Monday we were out running errands with my father-in-law, Harry.  Once we came home for something and found a small box turtle in the driveway.  It was such a beautiful design.  It was brown with yellow spots/designs.  The poor thing was so scared though it went all the way back in its shell.  We moved it so it wouldn't be run over.

This is my new cup from Hobby Lobby.  My treat for the week. :) I have been wanting one of these cups but not wanting to pay $5 for a plain looking one.  I was in HL getting some sewing needles and elastic and saw this 40% off so of course I had to get it. :)

Well that was our two weeks.  Nothing too fancy going on but good family fun.
Enjoy your weekend!

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