Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July fun

Our 4th of July was so fun! We had a wonderful day out in the sun at my In-Laws house,  Jeremy had to do some work on my father-in-law's, Rex, truck so he headed over there early in the morning to get started.  I packed up the boys bikes, inflateable pool, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles and headed over around 10.  We unloaded, filled the pool, and had fun!  This is the first time we have been able to do the inflateable pool since its been so hot and we don't have a water hose outside.  So the boys really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed watching them and joining in some! 

Jeremy got done with his work around 2 so headed home for naps.....which were heavenly....then went to eat at our favorite Chinese buffet.  We debated going to a fireworks show in Easley or Greenville but since most of them didn't start until 9 or 9:30 decided not to.  We knew the traffic would be awful getting home and Jeremy had to work early in the morning so we just picked up a small variety pack of fireworks and sparkelers and headed home  We didn't wait until it was all the way dark but it was close enough around 8:30 so had a blast shooting them off.  Jonah was all into all of them.  Tucker couldn't figure out if he liked the sparkelers or if he was afraid of them but he held them anyways.  Both boys loved all the other fireworks.  Tucker even loved the smoke from them. lol

Here's a few pictures from our fun filled day:

Jonah blowing bubbles.

Tucker filling up the pool.

Water gun fight with Uncle Austin.

Tucker and Jonah laughing about the water gun fight.

Poppa even got in on the fun!

Tucker riding his bike.  He found a small hill on Nonna and Poppa's from walkway that he loved going up and down. He rode his bike more than anything that day.

Sidewalk chalk fun.

Racing bikes together.

Playing fetch with Oscar.

Picnic inside at Nonna's and Poppa's.

Our little firwork assortment.  Mostly ended up being small fountains that just lit up really pretty.

Sweet Tucker after eating watermelon.


Tucker and his sparkeler.  He kept shaking them trying to blow them out.  Didn't quite understand the concept of it being lit up.

Jonah  had a blast with his sparkeler!

Waiting for Daddy to light the fireworks!

Me and my big boys.  Love Tucker's face. lol

Amazed at the fireworks and tired after a long day.

Biggest firework we had. lol.  Wasn't much but it made us happy and we were done by the boys normal bedtime. :)

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July.


  1. That looks like a perfect day! I wish we had done fireworks at home. Our youngest really enjoyed the big fireworks show, but our oldest (5) has just recently decided he can't handle the noise. Seriously, he cried like a baby the whole time and sat covering his ears with his eyes closed! Glad your boys had a great 4th!

    1. Thanks Sherry! That stinks that your oldest was scared. :( Hope you all had a great day other than that!