Thursday, July 12, 2012

Playground fun

Monday the boys and I had a busy but fun day.  We visited with an old friend and her new beautiful twin girls.  It was so fun to catch up and love on some sweet little 2 month olds!  After we did that, I surprised the boys with a picnic at the playground.  We didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted since it was so hot but we still had fun.  It was so hot the boys couldn't do any of the slides which was a major bummer since they both love sliding. 

We went to Pope Field playground since we were over on that side of town.  We really like that one cause it has a covered picnic table area, a good playground for both the boys, and there is a horse and some goats right next to it.  Ever time we go, the boys are able to get the horse to come right up to the fence just by it.  This time though they also had a few goats come over.  Tucker was making me nervous with the goats though because he would stick his whole arm in the fence to pet them and I didn't want them to bite or snap at him.  None of them did thankfully.

Jonah and Tucker did get to swing a good bit which they don't usually do.  At one point, Jonah thought it was funny to kick me and try to knock the camera out of my hand.  Little stinker.  Better be glad I love him! lol  Tucker doesn't usually like to swing at all but was having fun swinging next to his big brother. 

Here's some pictures of our fun 20 minutes at the playground:

Tucker trying to swing on the wierd tunnel thing.

JOnah's fake smile.  It was SO HOT.

They both tried to go up the slides but quickly came back down. 

Boys talking to the horse.  We mostly stayed over at the fence with the
animals since there was lots of shade.

Talking and petting the goats.  This one looked pregnant but I think it was a male goat.

Tucker wasn't sure about the swing at first but quickly warmed up to it once
he saw big brother having fun.

Jonah really enjoyed the swings this time.

Interesting different kind of swing.  Much safer.  Jonah kept telling me to come closer so he could kick me. lol So nice to Mommy!

Tucker really warmed up to the swings!

My big handsome Jonah

Hope you are having a fantastic day!


  1. Those are precious memories that will last a lifetime! You are such a wonderful Mom, and our baby girl! LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Thanks Mom! Glad you finally got time to go on here and check this out. :) I am wonderful Mom cause you are a great example to me. Thanks for being so awesome! LOVE YOU!!