Sunday, July 15, 2012

Recent Projects

I thought I would share some recent projects that I have completed but not shared on here.  Along with working on my Etsy shop items, there are some things around my house I am decorating and some things I wanted to make for the boys.  I am so pleased how they have all turned out so far.

Tucker's birthday shirt.  This started as just a plain blue tshirt.  I was just going to add the number 2 but really like the red checkered material with it plus I had extra Thomas material.  I decided to take the existing sleeves off and add the part at the bottom.  I messed up on cutting the sleeves off too much so that was a challenge to fix but I finally got it and you can't see it due to the fit of the shirt.  Other than my mess-up, I am very pleased with how it turned out and Tucker loves it.
Total cost: $1.49 for 1/4 yd of the Thomas material.  The blue shirt and red material was handed down for free.

Jonah and Tucker's 4th of July outfit.  This was just something I wanted to make and had alot of fun coming up with the design.  The shirt tuned out perfectly.  I messed up on the shorts so niether one of my boys got wear them but I know what I messed up so I will be making more sets like this for them.  The shorts were a dark blue and white checkered material.  I love the pattern and may make them some more shorts out of it. 
Total cost: $7 for the tshirts.  I really wanted white shirts for this one and wasn't anywhere near Hobby Lobby so this was the cheapest I could find at Walmart.  The blue and red material were hand me downs.

I made some curtains from a table cloth for my kitchen and laundry area.  The top two pictures so the results and I really like how they turned out.  I made 3 identical to the first picture and the one above my laundry area and still had material left from the tablecloth.  Our laundry area is supposed to have doors but due to our front loader appliances, we had to take the doors down.  I have always hated the shelf above the area because it just looks awful and unorganized but the curtain hides it all which I love.
Total cost: Free!!! The tablecloth was given to me by my mother in law and wouldn't fit my table.

The top two pictures show Jonah and Tucker's curtains.  They each only have one window in their rooms which worked out well since I only had enough Cars and Thomas material to make enough for one window.  Tucker's (top) cost: $0.75 which is the cost for half of the Thomas material I bought for his birthday shirt.  I did not plan on making the curtains but I love that I was able to.  Jonah's (bottom) cost:  FREE.  Jonah's was all material that was handed down to me. 

Above is some bathroom art that I made for the boy's/guest bathroom.  Since we are in a rental and we don't have a big budget for decorating, I wanted something super cheap but cute.  The wallpaper in this bathroom has dark blue, burgundy, and dark green.  I have a kelly green shower curtain hanging in here so wanted to incooperate that in the pictures somehow.   These were made of small canvases that had some interesting bird pictures on them that I just painted over.   They didn't come out perfectly...not sure why or how the paint got under the stickers so I need to fix that but overall they turned out good. 
Total cost: $8.33 but only $3.33 this week since I already had the canvases and foam stickers.  Canvases were $1/pc at the Dollar Tree.   Paint was $3.33 for 4 colors at Hobby Lobby.  I already had the green from another project.  Foam stickers used to make the words were $1 from the Dollar Tree.

Our living and dining room are one big open room that each have one window in them.  They aren't the nicest looking windows plus the blinds are messed up so I needed some simple curtains.  The blue striped part was from one curtain panel that my mother in law gave me.  The dark brown part is a soft fleece feeling fabric that was handed down from a friend.  I was able to make 4 panels like this, 2 for each window.  I made them long enough to reach just to the bottom of each window covering up the messed up blinds.
Total cost: FREE

The two picures above show some sweet infant dresses and hairbows I made for a friend's new twin baby girls.  They turned out great and I love making little girl things! The top one's blue letters and the bottom one's yellow flowers were made of felt and buttons. The top one also had blue ribbon to accent.  The top hair things were bobby pins with the same button flower as on the dress.  The bottom was a white handband with the same yellow flower as on the dress.
Total cost: $4.88.  I bought the top tanktops on clearance at Family Dollar for $2.44/pc.  They came with another tank top each that I will use for another gift. 

This was also a part of the gift for the twin girls.  These are taggie blankets with their initials.  This was my first time doing embroidery using my sewing machine and I must say it is a challenge but I am happy with how it turned out. 
Total cost:  FREE.  All the supplies for this I recieved handed down from a friend.

I made this flower headband for the new mommy of the twin girls.  I like to include something pretty for the Mommy of all baby gifts that I give so she feels special too.  I always think of hairbows or clips since we mommies don't have much time usually to fix or even mess with our hair.  I know I always feel prettier with a pretty hair bow in my hair even if my hair is pulled up. 
Total cost: FREE.  I already all the materials to make this on hand. 

Well there you have it! As you can tell, I have been very busy but I really do love creating things so its not work for me.  I love thinking up new things and creating things for free from materials I already have.  Right now I am working on organizing my fabric/craft storage area which is just a small corner in my husband and I's bedroom.  Once its finished I will do a post showing it off!

Have a lovely day!

" In God, whose word I praise-in God I trust and am not afraid!! What can mere mortals do to me?"
Psalms 56:4

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