Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tucker's 2nd Birthday Party

Tucker's 2nd birthday was on Thursday, June 28.  I truly can't believe he is two now! He is growing like crazy.  We had his birthday party at our house the Saturday that followed.  It was 104 degrees outside that day which made our house result in being about 85 even with fans going.  It was hot. :( But we still had a good time.  We love to have a big grill-out and usually do bbq for the boys parties.  This year was no different.  Jeremy smoked 4 boston butts and they were phenomenal! That man in a master at his grill! lol We ended up having a good many people that couldn't come due to certain issues but still had  good turnout. 

The menu consisted of: Bbq boston butt sandwiches, bbq rabbit and groundhog, hot dogs, hot dog chili, coleslaw, broccoli salad, rancho beans (like baked beans but much better), banana pudding, brownies, and cupcakes.  We had way to much food, as usual, but we like to have leftovers.  I didn't try the rabbit and groundhog since I'm not supposed to eat wild meat, but heard it was really good.  Jonah actually tried it and like it. 

Here's a bunch of pictures from the party:
Decorations around the living room.  We had a Thomas the train party.

We borrowed some tables and chairs from Jeremy's boss which worked great.  THis was before the party.

 Big boy eating his cupcake.  They were supposed to be dark blue with red icing but I forgot to buy more food coloring so they turned out light blue and pink.  Mommy fail.  :(
Jonah ate only the frosting off his cupcake.  Love the fake smile!

 Me and the birthday boy. 

Tucker opening presents with Alexandra, his cousin, helping.  He is so funny with the tongue out.

Silly cousins! Alexandra, Tucker, and Bentley.

Tucker with Nona, Jeremy's mom, and Uncle Austin, Jeremy's younger brother.

The birthday shirt I made for Tucker.  Turned out much better than I planned! I was just going to add the 2 to a plain blue tshirt I already had but really wanted to add more so I added the sleeves and bottom part.  I LOVE it!

SIlly birthday boy in the shirt.

Tucker had a great birthday! Thank you to all the friends and family that came out and celebrated with us!


  1. Sweet little party! I loved the t-shirt you made him, and it looks like he really liked it too!

    1. Thanks! I really love how it turned out. He really likes Thomas right now so he loved it!

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