Thursday, April 4, 2013

Painting cookies

  I now feel like I am finally coming out of the new baby girl will be 4 months the 11th and is now sleeping between 8-12 hours....HALLELUAH!!!! Now if I could just get her brother's to cooperate this Momma would be completely refreshed but alas I doubt that will happen for awhile.  During these past few months, I have done a few small crafts mostly for Olivia's room (blogpost coming soon on her room) but have no desire to do anything else. 

My sweet Olivia.  Love those smiles!
Since I am feeling more normal, I have been dying to get back to crafting.  My oldest son, Jonah, would draw, paint, or do anything crafty all day long if i let him.  My youngest son, Tucker, will do it for a few minutes and he's done.  It may be because he is only 2 1/2 but he would rather tear the paper off of crayons than draw with them. Jonah also loves to help me bake/cook in the kitchen so I try to think of fun stuff we can make together.  I honestly don't let him help me as much as i should in the kitchen because I already have so much to clean but I need to.  I want my boys to have a love for cooking like my husband.  I love that husband loves to cook for us and he is amazing at it. 

Jonah and Tucker.  They drew mustaches on themselves with markers.  Ugh at last it was just on their faces!!!

I had this craving for a frosted sugar cookie last week and went ahead and baked some.  I wanted to do something Easter themed as well so I dyed the frosting with the only colors I had...yellow, blue, and green.  I used the Firecracker cookie recipe from the Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I found the recipe here: and used this recipe for the royal icing:  I only made half of each but wish I would have made more! While I was baking the cookies, I was trying to figure out how the boys could decorate them without too much of a huge mess.  They have a little frosting decorating kit with a few piping bags and tips but I really wasn't sure where it was so I thought what about using paint brushes and painting them.  It worked great!!

All you need is a few never used or really clean paint brushes, frosting....divided into your colors if desired, and your cookies.  I would also suggest some coverings on your table like a paper towel, wax paper, or a plate.  I sat the boys down beside each other and gave them each a cookie on their paper towel.  The paints were right in between them.  I also had a cup of water to rinse the brushes from each brush in between painting.  It's basically just like painting a picture just using food! 

**I apologize for the blurry pictures: I didn't plan on blogging about this and only had my phone available for pictures.**

Jonah with a few of his painted cookies.  He painted all except for one.  He painted each cookie for a different family member. I didn't have the heart to tell him we wouldn't be seeing any of them before the cookies were gone.  He was so proud of his work!

All the finished cookies.   A few of them looked like the earth with the blue and green. I loved how Jonah did them.  We had more to paint but Tucker kept eating them. :)

I love watching Tucker concentrate on his work.  He gets so focused he doesn't have a clue what's going on around him.  But since he's 2 it doesn't last long.  The cookie in this picture was the only cookie he actually painted.  He ate a few but that was enough painting for him.

After the cookies were painted, I just let them dry then we enjoyed them.  This was such a simple and not too messy edible craft/activity that we will definitely be doing it again.  I didn't get a chance to paint any but want to try it the next time we do it! 

Let me know if you try it and like it! It really is fun and easy. Have a blessed night!

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