Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Olivia's birth story part 1

Today I am sharing the first part of Olivia's birth story.  This post tells about the few appointments and the day before Olivia's birth.  This post is mainly for my memory so it may be long winded.  Hope you enjoy if you decide to read!

My 2 monkeys love to leave me surprise pictures on my phone. lol I don't mind it when they turn out cute like this!

On November 28, I had a normal routine weekly check-up.  I was not effaced at all but I was 2 cm dialated, and my cervix was soft.  During my appointment, my dr asked if I wanted to be induced or wait until my due date to see if I would go into labor.  Since Olivia had a 2 vessel umbilical cord, my dr wasn't going to let me go past my due date.  I was so ready to get this pregnancy over with so I told her I was fine with scheduling an induction.  I left the apt really hoping my body would naturally go into labor since I wasn't looking forward to being induced.  I had been given the inducing medicene with Jonah to speed up my delivery since my body wasn't moving fast enough and I remember that pain.  I do not do well with pain so I wasn't looking forward to being induced at all but was ready to meet our sweet girl. Plus I had some friends tell me they had awful experiences with their inductions so I had mixed feelings about the whole thing.
3 days before my induction.  Jonah wanted a belly like mine.  I look awful since I'm still in my pjs...and not even cute ones.....but I am so thankful for this memory. :)
My hopes of my body going into labor on its own didn't happen.  Olivia wouldn't make her entrance into this world for almost 2 more weeks.  I went about my normal schedule but tried to walk more which wasn't a problem since I was nesting and trying to make sure I had everything ready plus I have 2 very active little boys.  I got our hospital bag packed and made sure the carseat and carseat base were all together ready to go.   My parents were both coming up to stay with the boys which was very exciting since my Dad hadn't been able to come up when Jonah and Tucker were born. We were all just on pins and needle waiting! I was super ready to meet my little Olivia which didn't help the time pass any quicker. 

This was the night before I was induced.  We were all waiting patiently for Grandma & Pop to get here.  Tucker tried his hardest to hold on but passed out. 
At my next weekly apt, DecemberI was between 2-3 cm and 40% effaced which was some improvement but not what I wanted to hear since I had been having contractions on and off a few days.  Dr. Kieth went ahead and checked her schedule for the next week since I was having an induction.  We set up the induction for the following Tuesday. I also set up my last pregnancy apt for the following Monday where they would do one last ultrasound to check baby girl again.   I was told to rest when really sore but try to walk and keep active to speed up the process.  I was still hoping my water would break like it did with Tucker but alas it didn't. 

This was the Saturday before my indcuction the following Tuesday.  We got season passes for the Greenville Zoo for Christmas (Thank you Mom and Dad!) so we took the boys since it was beautiful day.  It was our last family fun day of 4! We all had a blast and I was secretly hoping all the walking would bring Olivia but it didn't!

My last appointment, December 10, I went in very hopeful since I knew I would be having Olivia the next day.  We went to the ultrasound room and started checking Olivia.  The ultrasound tech checked everything but seemed to really be focusing on Olivia's chest.  She told me she wasn't seeing Olivia practice breathing like she should.  I had to adjust to lay on my side and she checked again.  Still didn't see it.  I adjusted to the other side.....still didn't see it.  I was given a small cup of water to drink but still nothing.  By this time I was getting very nervous but I knew God had Olivia in his hands so I was resting in that fact.  I hadn't eaten in a few hours so they told me to run and get some lunch and come right back.
 My Dr came in and told me if they didn't see her practice breath I would have to be admitted to the hospital for observation and then they would start the induction in the morning like planned as long as nothing changed.  I prayed as I walked out and left all my anxieties in God's hands since I knew he was in control anyways.  I was trying not to think about who would watch our boys since my parents wouldn't be here until late that evening.  My mother in law was watching them while I was at my appointment but I didn't know what she had planned the rest of the day.  I grabbed a burger then raced back to get another ultrasound.  Thankfully Olivia did right what she was supposed to do and everything else looked great. 

Boys and I enjoyed lots of time playing soaking up our last days without Olivia.  We tried our best to really just rest and enjoy each others company.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and making sure things were ready for the next few days.  We were all SOOOOO EXCITED  to meet out new little addition.  I prayed a great deal that day for the induction and delivery coming the next day.  I knew God was in control and I tried to push aside my anxious feelings.  We enjoyed playing simple things at home since I was so huge and tired most of the time.  I was super ready to meet Olivia but was also very nervous as to how I was going to handle 3 littles 5 years and under. 

My parents got here around 10 pm that night.  The boys both tried theirbest to stay awake to see them but only Jonah succeeded.  We all got to bed around midnight. I slept pretty well considering I was so huge.  I had instructions to call the labor and delivery ward at the hospital at 5:45 a.m. so they could tell me when to come in. 

Part 2 coming soon..................


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  1. I love birth stories. :) I was induced with Story as well and I'm glad I did because she was over 9 lbs!!! Your little Olivia is not much younger than her :) Btw, thank you for commenting and I'm so glad we can encourage each other!